lunes, 22 de octubre de 2012

#UnaPropadita De Mi Novela Pasión de Otoño en Inglés

Here I show a small sample of the translation of Passion of Autumn.
Please leave your opinions will be appreciated.

A lavishly decorated hall and a modern desk with glass top were the appropriate framework in which a young secretary-receptionist, with a broad smile and a perfect manicure, greeted everyone who came, and with the same sympathy tended calls entering the modern telephone system was adjusted to her ears.
—Yes, good morning. What I can do for you? He said to a young woman who had just entered.
—'I come to the interview for the post of assistant. — said the newcomer displaying a charming smile and wearing a hair dark as night.
Interviews are underway at this time, leave me your details and sign here, 'said the secretary, extended to the applicant to deposit a folder for your signature. —Now go through that glass door and wait for the call.
—'Thanks,' —was all he managed to say the applicant. She waited patiently while watching young people into an office which occasionally a lady came who should not have more than fifty years and who had a beautiful dark skin. This lady was the one who announced the input of the next person to be interviewed. That place had both female and male applicants, all hoping, apparently, to get the opportunity to work in that company, which was run by a renowned artistic and musical.
After the purges of the interviewees, finally there were only three candidates, including a boy who felt very nervous and impatient, which is constantly walking around the room and repeatedly drank water like a nomad lost in a burning desert. The boy was tall and very thin, his face resembled an apple pie, and his blue eyes gave the impression that at some point he would leave the face, and had the nicest freckles that she could remember.
A few minutes later he was leaving the young man and without the jitters before, had a better mood, smiling and was more serene ... "Perhaps he had obtained employment," She thought.

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